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RE: [IP] Medicare and MM`

They require much documentation and very strict about the amount of supplies
they will cover each 3 month period.

Gina, this is not necessarily true.  The only thing that Medicare requires
is paperwork to be filled out by your physician AND, the most important
thing is that you pass the guidelines on a C-Peptide test.  I had to take
mine 3 times till I got the right # so they would approve the pump.

As far as supplies go, they do offer a 3 month supply and it depends on the
RX your doctor provides.  I have my sets down as changing every two days
which I don't but better to have more on hand in case of emergencies.  Since
I don't use up lots of reservoirs (use one that lasts me almost three
changes)...I just tell them not to send those to me.

They do not cover IP pads but they do now cover the batteries.

As far as test strips and lancets, my endo puts down that I check 10X a day
and I get 300 lancets and test strips.  Now, given the fact that I only
change lancets once a day, those 300 last me almost an entire year!

I don't abuse what is prescribed to me and most times, I don't order every
three months.  About the only thing I run out of fastest is the batteries
for the pump and my test strips.

Also, since I don't have supplemental insurance, I don't overdo the
prescriptions unless they are necessary as I have to pay the 20%.

Kathy B.
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