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Re: [IP] Test Strip Supplier

> >We haven't heard anything about this. My son has BC/BS Community Blue PPO 
> >of MI. He is using a Dex meter and switching over to a FreeStyle Tracker. 
> >They have been covering both of these at 80% under his DME coverage. He is 
> >allowed 10-12 tests per day of strips. That is how his Rx is written and 
> >that is what they have been sending.
> >Judi in MI
> Be ready for a change, Judi.  I was just informed by my supplier
> that they can only send me 200 strips per month (once every 30 days,
> not a day earlier), regardless of what Rx the doctor signs.

If you accept that statement on face value then that's what you'll 
get. If you fight, you will get what you paid for. I've fought this 
fight with BS/BC, twice in the last year and a half. This last time I 
was assured (year, right....) that the medical record at the pharmacy 
cleary says to dispense what is on the prescription without regard to 
company policy.

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