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Re: [IP] Re: On my soapbox

Ryan, Such short sighted thinking is more typical of HMO executives, 
looking at this months bottom line.  The true relative cost of a pump 
in the long term is quite trivial.  What, maybe $1500/year with 
supplies?  How does that compare to chronic retinopathy treatments, 
renal dialysis, amputations, lost wagess, etc, etc?  If every 
diabetic could be trained to use a pump properly, the medical costs 
for diabetic care would stabilize at a very low level.  Indeed, a 
very positive impact!

<<<<<<<From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: On my soapbox
I'm afraid I'm speaking to the wrong group of people, because my point
has been missed entirely.  Go ahead and contribute to
the rising medical and insurance costs of the world without fully
considering the impact.>>>>>>>>
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