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Re: [IP] re: curious: what's poutine? - and on to serving sizes

> version of them...and you folks are correct...the serving size here versus
> the fries and gravy there is tremendous. It takes me and the wife together
> to finish them here.

i know i brought up serving sizes yesterday, and i was thinking some more
about that.  well, when i wasn't watching a play or dreaming about parking
tickets. :)
seems that a lot of places serve absolutely huge portions, especially of
fries or pasta, yet the vegetable servings are miniscule (if there at all)

i was particularly annoyed when nate's (i'm sure some of the ottawa folk
know nate's on rideau - really good smoked meat sandwiches and yummy
pickles) cut the size of their smoked meat sandwich - especially the
reuben - and increased the amount of fries.  i like fries, but not that

some places are finally starting to catch on that some people don't want
fries with their meals, and are offering alternatives, but not enough.
harvey's has the combo meals, so you can have your
hamburger/veggieburger/etc with any two sides of your choice, including
salads.  i also found that wendy's will substitute the pop in a combo for
milk, although it's only 2%, and i really prefer skim.  swiss chalet - when
you order in - gives the choice of fries, baked potato, mashed, or veggies,
but the portion of veggies is miniscule.

i'm rambling a-plenty here, aren't i? :)

liz - ottawa, procrastinating before class
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