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[IP] strips

My husband found out from a coworker with type 1 diabetes on an 
insulin pump, 
that their insurance company will be limiting test strips to four a 
day.  I 
currently have a prescription on file for 9 a day.  Can they make such 
when the prescription.  states that I test 9 times a day and therefore 
three month supply is for 900 strips? This is something new this year
Not unless the insurance company is practicing medicine. I get 10 
strips a day without any squaking from PA BC/BS Read your contract. 
What state are you in, do they have manditory diabetes coverage? See 
Michaels reponse to another pumper. I'd cream them if I were your doc, 
I'd be in ouch with the Board of Medical Examiners and have them 
A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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