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Re: [IP] re: curious: what's poutine?

And I thought I was the only American who had heard and seen this curious
dish. My wife grew up in the northern most part of North Dakota. Her folks
land makes up 2 miles of the US/Canadian border. They used to spend many
summers in Manitoba @ Pelican Lake where her parents own a cabin. She would
incessantly tell me about fries and gravy. I never understood what she was
talking about until i went to vist with her family and went to the lake with
them. We stopped in some small farming community on the way just past the
border crossing and she ordered the famous(infamous) fries and gravy....no
cheese though... I will have to ask her about that. Well to make a long
story short I have since found a place in Southern California that serves a
version of them...and you folks are correct...the serving size here versus
the fries and gravy there is tremendous. It takes me and the wife together
to finish them here.

John Kaspar
Senior Account Manager
IT Group

DXd 5Years
MDI 3 Years
Soon to be pumping....
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