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[IP] Begging for diabetes funding

Thank the members of the House and Senate for their commitment to 
complete the
NIH doubling effort this year, an Urge them to make sure it gets 
done.  Tell
them your personal connection with Diabetes (doesn't have to be more 
than a
few sentences) and press the button - your letter will be faxed to your
members of the Senate and House.

Then please also call the President ( 202-456-1111) and tell him your 
connection to Diabetes (family member, friend etc. who has 
Diabetes. . .) Urge
the President to make sure the doubling effort for the National 
Institutes of
Health research funding  that we all have been working on for the last 
5 years
is completed this year as promised .
I have done this repeatedly but must tell you it is a back burner 
issue. Tell the president how much monery will be saved by not having 
to pay for the complications of diabetes, blindness, kidney failure, 
amputations and such stuff. That the president understands. I have 
applied 8 times for a simple rearch grant from the NIH and have been 
told by the NIH folks, that's a good thought, continue applying, after 
the 10th or 12th application they might fund it... great.It was only a 
$5000 grant that included a part time $1000 dollar salary for a 
technician, nothing by today's standards.

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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