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Re: [IP] On My Soap Box

At 08:18 AM 1/24/03, Ryan wrote:
>I never recall suggesting such a thing. But if EVERYONE always got the best
>medical treatment available, medical costs would be so prohibitive, NO ONE
>could afford medicine nor the insurance premiums to cover it.  But, if an
>insurance company is, in fact, denying medically necessary coverage...then
>something is wrong.  Take test strips as a small example.  I'm sure I could
>get better control if I tested 15 times a day instead of the 8 I do now.
>But, should an insurance company be required to pay for almost twice the
>strips when the difference I would improve would not be medically

Hmmm, but who should make that determination?  Your doctor or the insurance 
company?  And, how can an insurance company who's never met me, talked to 
me, examined me, decide how many times I need to test?  What if I have 
hypo-unawareness?  What if I didn't have the test strips because the 
insurance company says I don't need them and I got into my car without 
testing first, was low then had an accident and killed someone?  Oh, that's 
right, people on insulin shouldn't drive anyways, should they?  So, if the 
insurance company considers testing 6x per day to be sufficient, any more 
than that would be unnecessary?  Don't get me started on insurance 
companies and test strips and them being taken advantage of.  My insurance 
premium is already $1,000 per month and I have to fight for everything I 
get from the insurance company.

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