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Re: [IP] Test Strip Supplier

>If memory serves me well, you're insured through one of the arms of BC/BS 
>of SE Mich, right? Anyway, we've had Blue Care Network (HMO) for the past 
>6 years and never had a problem with strips. That's changed over the past 
>several months. From what I understand, BCN is in the process of enforcing 
>the use of the AccuCheck meter and strips (NOT Lifescan). If we stay with 
>Liz's One Touch Ultra, we will be assessed a co-pay. I was told a letter 
>is in the process of being mailed to explain this new coverage procedure. 
>Perhaps this is the situation throughout BC/BS, whether you're PPO, HMO, 
>or Std. Anyway, hope I've made sense...still working on my first cup of 
>coffee of the day;-)
>Peace, Linda V

And what about amount of strips per month?  I just talked with someone from 
Michigan Diabetes Supply and he told me that's what the real issue is.  BC 
has now changed and will only accept an order that is 30 days from the 
prior order.  So, I'm without strips until after January 26 unless I buy 
them myself.  They are also limiting to 200 strips per month for diabetics 
on insulin and 100 strips per month for those not, regardless of what the 
doctor prescribes.  I know Michael will jump in here and say why they can't 
do that, but they can, Michael, and they are.

considering forgetting this whole good control thing and just letting the 
chips fall where they may <sigh>
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