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[IP] cold weather & poutine

It was -6 this morning when I got up.  That's not counting the wind chill 
factor!  I gotta say this...There is one thing that I LOVE about these 
frigid temps...it's that the sunrises and sunsets here in the Midwest are 
GORGEOUS!!  My opinion, they outdo ANY others that I've seen throughout this 
beautiful USA!

Now, onto D-related items!  What are the carbs in poutine?  Is this 
something that you can make at home AND you can buy at a fast food 
restaurant?  It sounds interesting...I'd like to try it.  It sounds very 
similar to one of MY favorite breakfasts...home fries, gravy & an egg cooked 
over-easy.  Just stir it all together and......UMMM....so good.

Lea I
(I think I'd better go to the truckstop for breakfast tomorrow)

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