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[IP] Insurance coverage

Hello, We just got new insurance and they do not want to cover 
anything, they are trying to get medtronic to reduce their prices and 
if they don't then nothing will be covered. Does anyone know of any 
insurance that I could get that would cover pump supplies? I used to 
have Blue cross and they covered everything but my husband changed 
jobs and we cannot afford to pay for blue cross on our own. I'm so 
frusterated right now.  Carol from Michigan

Bad situation. Michagan has manditory diabetes coverage now. Look at 
your coverage and discuss it with your husbands benefits administrator 
first. These exclusions are often compasny policies not insurance plan 
policies. Sometimes if you pay a supplimental amount you cam get into 
plan that covers a wider range of stuff. spot

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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