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Re: [IP] Re: On my soapbox

Well what about for all those who have the lows, and don't know it, whether they are  in the middle of the night or what.  Or those that have them but don't have the doctor to back them up with insurance troubles.  Or just don't have insurance altogether?  Is it fair to all those on shots, who let the shots run their lives?  Who live by the clock in order to keep their A1c controlled when they can have that control and better on the pump and still live a almost normal life?  ALL diabetics are deserving of a pump and I believe that the insurance companies are just starting to figure that one out, after all I got my pump didn't I?  Now I needed it to get my A1c out of the 10's but I know alot of diabetic that have "bormal" A1c and still NEED a pump, Have you worked at any diabtic camps?  Try that out and then let me know if you don't think all those kids deserve a better life?  How am I suposed to work at these camps now that I have a pump?  To have them see that it is somewhat easier for me now that I'm pump

Perhaps you are at the wrong chat group?  You as far as I know the rest of us are all awaiting the day that all those with diabetes can get a pump too, and enjoys the happiness it has brought us!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I'm afraid I'm speaking to the wrong group of people, because my 
> point 
> has been missed entirely.  So, forget it.  Go ahead and contribute 
> to 
> the rising medical and insurance costs of the world without fully 
> considering the impact.
> And to answer one question posed...the fact is I spent quite a 
> while 
> pondering whether I had the "right" (not legally, but from the 
> medically necessary standpoint) to get a pump.  My A1cs were 
> hovering 
> around 7.1, which is fairly decent, though the doctors want it 
> into the 
> sixes.  It was actually my doctor who pointed out that my frequent 
> lows 
> was a big problem. (I was having a low just about every day at 
> some 
> point.)  WHen I brought up the idea of the pump, he was certainly 
> all 
> in favor for it because I worked so hard at achieving the 7.1, and 
> because he wanted me to eliminate so many lows.  Regardless, if I 
> weren't having so many lows, I probably wouldn't have chosen to go 
> on 
> the pump because it cost my insurance company a LOT of money.
> ANyhow, I see a lot of all-or-nothing thinking here applied to 
> me...as 
> if I don't recognize any advantages to the pump, or when it 
> becomes 
> medically necessary.  I've stated WHEN I think it is medically 
> necessary numerous times, but such statemnts have gone ignored.
> My original comments to the ORIGINAL poster about considering pump 
> was 
> meant to be things to consider that no one was suggesting.  I 
> wasn't 
> suggesting that he NOT go on the pump...but to consider ALL sides 
> of 
> the issue before deciding.
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