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[IP] MM 508 Misreading

I don't know if there is a pump problem or if Cory has somehow been 
wrong buttons.  The other night I noticed that the clock was 3 hours 
That was messing up his basals.  Today, we were checking the amount of 
insulin he had left and noticed that the pump showed that he had taken 
units at 5:30 AM.  He didn't take any at 5:30 AM. so I know this was 
His 24 hour basal is only 27 units and he usually only boluses about 
20 - 25 
more units per day.  That's for the entire day, not for one time.  
Is it possible that there is a pump problem? It's a MM 508.  I've 
never heard 
anyone talk of a pump misreading like this.
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Had a 508 for almost 5 years and never had this happen even after it 
got one of its static zaps. It is a good pump and would not do things 
like this. It takes more than a casual button press to change the 
time. spot
A L Bender. M, D.
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