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Re: [IP] Test Strip Supplier

In a message dated 1/23/03 email @ redacted:

> I'm looking for a new supplier for test strips.  I've been getting them
> from Michigan Diabetes Supplies, but lately they seem to be having a
> serious problem getting test strips from LifeScan. 

If memory serves me well, you're insured through one of the arms of BC/BS of
SE Mich, right? Anyway, we've had Blue Care Network (HMO) for the past 6
years and never had a problem with strips. That's changed over the past
several months. From what I understand, BCN is in the process of enforcing
the use of the AccuCheck meter and strips (NOT Lifescan). If we stay with
Liz's One Touch Ultra, we will be assessed a co-pay. I was told a letter is
in the process of being mailed to explain this new coverage procedure.
Perhaps this is the situation throughout BC/BS, whether you're PPO, HMO, or
Anyway, hope I've made sense...still working on my first cup of coffee of the

Linda V
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