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[IP] Re: Arguments for a Pump - On My Soap Box

I< also never stated that it isn't more effective...only that it isn't
medically necessary for everyone.  I have met diabetics who would NOT do
well on the pump based on the way they take care of themselves.  I also know
that there are those who manage tight control without a lot of effort, such
as the friend from church I mentioned.  (When I suggested pump therapy to
him, he said that he was doing quite well without it.)>



As I recall, this thread started because someone WANTED to go on a pump and their
doctor didn't think it was necessary.  They were looking for help.  This does not apply to
the people who are perfectly content with MDI's and not looking to go on pump therapy.


<Take test strips as a small example.  I'm sure I could
get better control if I tested 15 times a day instead of the 8 I do now.
But, should an insurance company be required to pay for almost twice the
strips when the difference I would improve would not be medically


When I was on MDI's I tested 12 times a day at least on most occasions.  This was
because I had become paranoid about the reaction times of my insulin and couldn't
predict what my numbers would be, even after careful carb counting, etc.  If I went low
and had to treat it, I then retested 15-20 minutes later.  And if my BG's still weren't up,
I'd treat and test again.  I used more test strips treating lows.  I also went low exercising,
cleaning my house, sleeping, etc.  And this was all on a grand total of 12-15 units a day of
Lantus and Humalog.  I tended to go low 4 hours an injection of Humalog, regardless of 
what I was doing.  Talk about a roller coaster.  I'd spike over 200 after a meal and then drop 
rapidly during the 4th hour.  This did not save anyone the cost of test strips.  I still test 
frequently, but not because I'm paranoid and treating lows.

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