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Re: [IP] missing digests on AOL

>  >I find I miss some digests (#915 was the last one I missed, only noticed
>because I had missed the start of a thread).  Previously, when I have asked
>the "help" people, I have been told it is probably an AOL problem<
>I used AOL (through a cable modem) but also had that digest (#915) missing.
>After I read a few posts that make no sense, I finally catch on and go read
>it on the pumpers site. Of course, I also about taking some Ginkgo or
>something! :-)

If you ever miss a Digest, for whatever reason, you can obtain 
another copy of it.  Send a message to:

email @ redacted

which has the message of:

Get insulin-pumpers-digest v06.n893


substitute the proper Volume and Digest number in the above.  You 
will receive a Reply to the command and the Digest will be sent to 
you separately.

George         :>)
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: