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[IP] Re: re: curious: what's poutine?

> <<despite this discussion about poutine, it's not a big fully canadian thing 
> -
> i don't even know if it's really available outside most of quebec and parts
> of ontario.  most people also don't eat it regularly.>>

There are lots of people in Ottawa who seem to eat it regularly, especially 
after the pubs close!!  Before I moved away from Ottawa permanently, I 
thought I had better try poutine.  I was disappointed, but then again it was 
at one in the afternoon, rather than after midnight.  
And I would have to say that most people in western Canada wouldn't know what 
poutine was, never mind ever having tried it.  Although didn't Burger King 
put in onto their menu in some places?  I shall have to do a little survey 
around here in BC to see what people know (excluding all the new Ontario 
arrivals, of which there are plenty).  
Quebecois foods often evolved to feed the hearty appetites that resulted from 
hard work outside in the brisk temperatures.  Its when the indoor types like 
me eat these things that the weight problems develope.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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