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[IP] Re: Arguments for a pump - Ryan Bruner

From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted> 

<I certainly agree with you.  But that still doesn't NECESSARILY mean it is
medically necessary. If a person can maintain good control in the sixes
without frequent lows, then the pump is NOT medically necessary.  I have a
friend from my church in that situation.  He takes 3 shots a day and his A1c
is around 6.6 without a lot of lows.  There is little point for him to
switch to the pump other that improved quality of life, and perhaps a slight
improvement in A1c. The pump, for him at this point, is hardly medically
necessary, and would merely be taking advantage of the insurance company to
pay for a better lifestyle.>


Excuse me?  Taking advantage of the insurance company?  Do you work for them or what?
Don't even get me started on insurance companies and who's taking advantage of whom!
For YEARS I have paid for my share of insurance premiums to NEVER, EVER exercise my 
benefits....until now!  That's why it's called insurance.  Even when I had the occasional 
claim for things I was covered for, they always fought me on it it.  If it weren't for my 
persistence they would've taken advantage of ME, and that's putting it politely!

If you don't have a working pancreas, a pump is medically necessary...period!  If you don't
think a pump is necessary and nothing more than something to improve your quality of life,
then why did you get a pump?  Are you just taking advantage of the insurance company?

And imagine!  The nerve of wanting an improved quality of life?  Afterall, losing the function of your
pancreas is a picnic, right?  Without the advances of modern medicine, we would all be in 
a sorry state today.  I wonder if there was a time when they told Diabetics that Insulin was just
something to improve their quality of life and not medically necessary.  That if they just kept 
starving themselves, they could live a little longer (and not take advance of the insurance

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02
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