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[IP] On My Soap Box

I would like to differ with the opinion expressed by Ryan Bruner that the
insulin pump is not always a medical necessity.  I also feel strongly that
just because someone does not have the financial means, that he or she should
be denied the best medical treatment available.  Unfortunately, having
diabetes is an uphill struggle to get one's needs met.  It is ludicrous to
state that the pump isn't more effective than MDI in treating diabetes, even
for those who maintain excellent control.  Having a device which does a much
better job of mimicking a healthy pancreas can't help but improve the odds
against developing major complications.  This is especially true for young
children who have not spent years suffering from high blood sugars.  I have
several docs who provide me with regular medical attention.  All of these
specialists made the comment that being on the pump will no doubt increase the
liklihood that I will live years longer.  My cardioligist said she did not
understand why the pump was not recommended to all of her type 1 patients.
She believes it helps tp prevent heart disease in type 1's.  I find it
offensive and insensitive to read words which suggest that all of us don't
deserve the very best in treatment.  Not everyone can afford to get their own
medical needs met.  That IS what health insurance is for...and we should all
expect the best, whether we have Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance.  Now
I will get off of my soapbox.
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