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Re: [IP] Poutine

Being born in Quebec, I just want to clarify the Poutine issue:

Golden French Fries, sprinkled (not sparingly) with fresh cheese curds
and then smothered in a steaming hot BBQ chicken gravy.

My mouth is watering, just writing this. Obviously not the ideal diabetic
food ( many many carbs, and fat ) but an occasional indulgement with a
shot or bolus to counter-act it.

I am gonna get you for that post !!!! I am in Tucson now(from Edmonton) and
they have no such thing as poutine here .......oh how i  miss that
yummyness..........I bet it would be much better now that I have the
Tami in Tucson Thinking of asking her sister to mail her some poutine hehehe
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