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[IP] Re: Arguments for the pump

<Thanks for all of the suggestions.  I am, BTW, going to dump my doctor if he
refuses to prescribe a pump.  I'm in the DC area and I saw on the
Insulin-Pumpers.com site that there is a 'pro-pump' doc near me.  I'd just
rather not go through the hassle.>


Steve, it sounds to me like it would be less of a hassle in the long run to have a
pro-pump doctor, than to have to convince your current doctor of the need for one and
to drag him kicking and screaming through the process.  You need a doctor who's
experienced with pumps and will be an advocate for you, especially with the insurance 

I'm so glad I found my doctor when I did.  Even though my A1c's were good, she's of the
belief that all Type 1's need a pump because it's the next best thing to a working
pancreas.  She told me on our very first visit that I needed a pump and she would submit 
a letter of medical necessity to my insurance company.  MiniMed called me 2 days later 
and my pump was on its way.  I didn't have to convince her, she convinced me.

dx'd T1 3/02, pumping 8/02
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