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RE: [IP] re: curious questions for Serena

Is the thought today that diabetics, on pumps,
can eat anything and everything and just bolus extra for it?  if so how does
this work with just "regular" thoughts of good nutrition and weight control?
	Hi Serena...
	Well, when I grew up w/diabetes, we didn't have glucose monitors either.
No one bothered to tell me about the ADA exchange program either so
basically I ate what I wanted with the exclusion of anything with sugar in
it.  ie:  No sugar in coffee, no sugared cereals, etc.

	However, if I ate a piece of chocolate when I went to grandma's house, no
one said not to and we ate lots of pasta as we are Italian and cookies, etc.

	I'm sure this wasn't good for my diabetes control but who knew?

	Now being on the pump, having other diabetic complications and all, I do
watch what I eat and sometimes cheat.

	I think lots of IP-ers feel that they can eat whatever they want and learn
to correctly bolus for those foods.

	If you ask me, that's asking for trouble since there is bound to be some
weight gain involved in eating all those fattening things, not watching how
much pasta, bread, rice, etc. etc. you eat.

	I do watch my protein and fat intake and try to eat high fiber foods as
much as possible.

	Once my weight came off, I surely don't want to put it back on and that was
the added lbs. from having my second child....if I gain 5 lbs. now I start
freaking out!!!

	Hope this helps to answer your question.

	Kathy B.
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