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[IP] New Video about teens with diabetes

I don't know if it includes pump therapy - but the description is 
interesting.  It's pricey so it's for schools to purchase:

Video of the Week:
Teens Talk Diabetes: Important Issues for Teens with Diabetes.  
Anitra Gordon, Lincoln High School, Ypsilanti, MI -- 1/22/2003
BreakingNews > Video of the Week

>From SLJ February 2003  

videocassette. color. 14 min. Aquarius Health Care Videos, 5 Powderhouse 
Lane, Sherborn, MA 01770; 508/651-2963. 2002. $90.

Gr 7 Up-This video is intended for students who have diabetes and are under a 
physician's care, especially those who are newly diagnosed. They will learn 
from the diabetic teens in the program that it's still possible to enjoy the 
same lifestyle as their friends--play sports, go to parties, eat sweets, 
enjoy strenuous hobbies, and even sleep late after late night activities. 
With balance in their lives, proper diet, exercise, careful checking of their 
sugar levels, and following the appropriate insulin regime, the diabetic 
teens in the video assure viewers that they can lead a fairly typical teen 
life. The young adults talk about their concerns when first diagnosed and the 
importance of understanding the disease and their bodies' responses to it. 
The teen advisors suggest sharing concerns with other diabetics as well as 
explaining their condition to their friends and asking for support. This 
dynamic, upbeat program will help diabetics meet their bodies' needs while 
enjoying an active teen schedule.
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