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Re: [IP] re: curious: what's poutine?

> With stuff like this floating around Canada, why do Americans get a bad
> for being overweight?   From this kind of stuff, all Canadians should be
> harpoon alert.  =)

despite this discussion about poutine, it's not a big fully canadian thing -
i don't even know if it's really available outside most of quebec and parts
of ontario.  most people also don't eat it regularly.

american portion sizes, especially in fast food restaurants, are from what i
understand quite a bit larger than canadian or british portions.  not to say
our's in canada are small, but still not as large as the u.s. sizes.  i
think nutrition action had an article on that in the past year or two.  my
parents also travel through different parts of the u.s. a fair bit, and have
said the same thing about the portion sizes.

i really gotta look that up, just to see what the differences are in portion

ironically, there was an article in the globe and mail about the increase in
portion sizes both in fast food restaurants and in the home.  i'm not all
that surprised though.
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