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Re: [IP] inserting infusion set

> I have tried inserting my infusion set above the waist a few times
> and only had success once.  The other times it was really painful,
> so I had to change it right away and on occasion, I couldn't even
> remove the insertion needle from the set.
> Is there a technique that I should be using?  Would it help to
> "pinch an inch" while inserting?  (Ok,ok maybe it'd be more than an
> inch) ;)
Sounds like you are inserting too deep. Pinching an inch would 
certainly help as would inserting at a shallower angle. Re: shallow, 
the set must be well below the skin, but that's all that is 
necessary. The advised 30-45 degree angle is a bit too deep for many 
people that are thin and in areas of the body that do not have a good 
layer of sub-cu fat. "Thinnies" use something more like 15-30 

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