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[IP] Re: Re: Female stuff..

In a message dated 1/22/03 email @ redacted writes:

<< read about a research study that found that diabetics 
started menopause on the average 9 years earlier than their non diabetic 
sisters.  >>

LOL   But when do they finish it!!!  I'm SO tired of it.

Linda Z  (age 56 and still irregularly menstruating and still needing to 
change basals and all ratios fairly frequently because of hormonal changes, 
diabetic since age 8 -- and no, my sister was not 65 at menopause <gr.>, but 
was in her mid-50s.)  When I have posted here on this topic before, have 
gotten a number of responses from women of similar venerable age <gr.>.  I 
wonder whether a study of women under good control would produce the same 
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