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[IP] RE: Docs with diabetes for a day - Celebrity Challenge

Summer asked:
> ok well first of all, did your doc do that??

My endo actually wore a pump for 3 days with saline before Rxing one for a
patient (I'm #7 in the area). His DE (no CDEs back then) also wore one. He
also took an insulin shot to see what his patients went through with a low.
He was a pioneer in pumping, but he stagnated, big time! He did not advance
as patients experienced new life and situations, and how they handled it. We
had a pump group but it ended up that hugsband and I were the only attendees
so it fell by the wayside. Once when I was in trouble with 600+ BG at 6:00
a.m., he called after 5:00 p.m.  I asked what took so long (I had brought it
down by then, but was pretty scared without professional help) and he said,
"If you don't know what to do, I don't know what to do." He attempted to
teach us everything he knew about pumping and called us semi-drs, then let
us be. A few years ago he told me he had been going to business school for
the previous 5 yrs. He didn't like it that some docs had 2+ offices and I
think that's why he did that so he could increase his business. I think he
should have gone to DM school.  Physicians Network closed his office and
confiscated his records. He is back practicing in that same office - but I'm
not going back!

After getting on the 'net, I have learned at least 17 things about pumping I
had never been taught. I have shared some of it with another of his pumpers
and I said words he'd not heard before. Sad, sad, sad! We respected him for
being one of the first two pump docs in Indiana - the other one in Indy.
There was no one else to go to and we trusted him.

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