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RE: [IP] re: curious questions

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> That was my thought on shots too!! :-) Well when humalog came 
> out anyways.  I know its not the most healthy thing to do, 
> I'm not overweight(at all) so I eat as many cals as I want 
> and I do eat ALOT of fat, and sugar!!!!  Right now I figure 
> if I keep my sugars good I set, but in another year or 2 I'll 
> start thinking heart healthy too.  Ohhh I don't eat any extra 
> salt  :-)
> I need to live a little!!!! MMMmmmm poutine, chips and dip, 
> chocolate!!!!!  I'm just not ready to give all that up yet!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

Wow...I don't think I could NOT have poutine :9

Every time I make the trip up to Montreal or Quebec City, Poutine is TOPS on
my list :)

I eat just about whatever I want as well, but I'm in the "far from
overweight" category as well. Eating like this I notice that I crave
'healthier' foods more often. I guess it's because I'm not restricting

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