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Re: [IP] re: curious questions

""So my question, in my attempts to get up to speed with
current diabetic thought is - Is the thought today that diabetics, on pumps,can eat anything and everything and just bolus extra for it?  if so how does this work with just "regular" thoughts of good nutrition and weight control?""

Personally I believe that is in all of our best interests to eat as healthy as possible - all the world should eat as we eat at our best. But a pump does allow us freedom to choose beyond a rigid food regimen. Nobody should eat cheesecake everyday - but my pump does allow me to have a slice occasionally without it totally ruining all my numbers. My New Years Celebrations that included a healthy dinner, a glass of champagne and a shared slice of cheesecake with my husband was delightful.

It's all about moderation and choices - and having those just like anybody else. 

Linda & Dax
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