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Re: [IP] re: curious questions

That was my thought on shots too!! :-) Well when humalog came out anyways.  I know its not the most healthy thing to do, I'm not overweight(at all) so I eat as many cals as I want and I do eat ALOT of fat, and sugar!!!!  Right now I figure if I keep my sugars good I set, but in another year or 2 I'll start thinking heart healthy too.  Ohhh I don't eat any extra salt  :-)
I need to live a little!!!! MMMmmmm poutine, chips and dip, chocolate!!!!!  I'm just not ready to give all that up yet!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

  So my question, in my attempts to get up to 
> speed with
> current diabetic thought is - Is the thought today that diabetics, 
> on pumps,
> can eat anything and everything and just bolus extra for it?  if 
> so how does
> this work with just "regular" thoughts of good nutrition and 
> weight control?
> Thanks for anyone answering.  Serena dx'd 76 pumping with 
> "panacea" 12 years.
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