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Re: [IP] weather

 Adriana, wrote: Chicago its been so freaking cold...7 degrees outside!

In 1994, we lived in the Chicago area and there was about a 10 day period of
time that we did not get above 0. In the 7 years we were there, it was the
only time our kids school was closed and it was due to cold not snow. The
wind chill at bus time was -75. The night time air temps were in the -20
to -22 range. This, I am sure, is common place for some of our Canadians but
my bones were born in the south and should have stayed there. Yesterday, I
was complaining about 33 degrees in Memphis - now it is 12. That's only 9
more than Chicago is reporting. I think it's time to retire to some place

As to topic, I eat more carbs when I am cold.
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