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[IP] re: curious questions

Folks were talking about drinking soda and just bolusing for it.  I was
schooled in diabetic management in the 70's and of course we did not have any
blood glucose devices then - just urine test tape and tablets to dissolve in
glass test tubes for acetones.  I followed a rigid ADA (then) meal plan and
the idea was that all products with sugar were not to be digested.  After all
these years I am very use to not eating products with sugar (also avoid high
cholesterol, acidic and salty foods for other health related problems and am a
committed vegetarian) and absolutely don't yearn for sugary foods.  I continue
to avoid them at all costs.  I also think it is better nutritionally and
health-wise for me.  So my question, in my attempts to get up to speed with
current diabetic thought is - Is the thought today that diabetics, on pumps,
can eat anything and everything and just bolus extra for it?  if so how does
this work with just "regular" thoughts of good nutrition and weight control?
Thanks for anyone answering.  Serena dx'd 76 pumping with "panacea" 12 years.
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