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[IP] Thigh Sites, Melissa

I actually have some, I looked yesterday.  The fact that I have some tells 
me I probably didn't react well to it, or it would be gone, and I would 
remember using it :)  Cost is not really an issue, as my insurance company 
pays for all of my pump supplies with no co pay (lucky, I know).  I have 
used thigh sites the last 4 times, and they are not my favorite.  They clog 
easier (all I have to do to resolve that is pull it in and out about a 
millimeter), and one became infected.  Other than that, I am happy to give 
my tummy a rest for a few weeks, then I will go back to it.  They don't 
hurt, but it is a pain to remember to keep my pants away from my legs as I 
prepare to go to the bathroom.  I guess that just took time and patience!
Thanks for the help!
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