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[IP] inserting infusion set

I have tried inserting my infusion set above the waist a few times and only 
had success once.  The other times it was really painful, so I had to change 
it right away and on occasion, I couldn't even remove the insertion needle 
from the set.

Is there a technique that I should be using?  Would it help to "pinch an 
inch" while inserting?  (Ok,ok maybe it'd be more than an inch) ;)

I use the sofsets with the inserter.  Thanks

Julie   (please save your cancelled postage stamps and mail them to 
           Mr Maynard Guss    9593 NW 26th Place  Sunrise, FL  33322.
          This is an on-going fund-raiser for an organization called ASAP.
           <A HREF="www.asap4sm.org">www.asap4sm.org</A>   My daughter has this rare brain condition)
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