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[IP] Re: My Hb1ac's

<<?  A value of 4.8 translates to an
average glucose value of approx. 74! >>

According to the lab tests DCA200 or HPLC that Cory's doctor uses a normal
range is 3.5 - 6.3 for people without diabetes.  Cory's test results in
October were 5.3 and yesterday he tested at 6.0.  We figured that was mighty
good considering he's experiencing a rapid growth spurt and fought ear
infections off and on for 5 months. Following is a sample of HbA1c
7.5  -  164 avg.    7.0 -- 147 avg.   6.5 - 130 avg   6.3 - 124 avg  and
that's as low as my comparison chart goes.   I figure Cory's 6.0 must have
been about a 120 avg.  His team wants to see <7.0 for their patients who are
over 12 years of age and 70% of their blood tests at 70 - 120.  I think it is
easier to get the A1C right than it is to get 70% of the blood tests in that
range.  But the endo looked at Cory's 3 months of blood tests and said there
was nothing he would change.
All any of us can do is our best -- be safe - don't try to control so tightly
that you put yourself at high risk of severe hypoglycemia but try to stay low
enough to avoid long term complications. Remember to TEST, TEST, TEST and
then TEST somemore!  OUCH!
Good luck,
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