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[IP] RE: Docs with diabetes for a day - Celebrity Challenge

ok well first of all, did your doc do that??  I'd love to have a doctor willing to.
With our local Canadian Diabetes Association, every year they have a Celebrity Challenge, it includes the Mayor and a few other people who are"famous" any ways it was the funniest thing to see the mayor walking around for a week with his teddy bear!!  he named him fang.  My mom wokrs for the city and she said it was hilarious to see him walk into a councel meeting holding it, and to all the business meetings!

Its neat to see, they have to give the bear shots, test 4 times a day and carb count and do the log book.
Now I say we have them do it our(mine) way testing approx. 10X giving shots 6-10 times a day and so on, I also think they should do saline shots for the real effect, but I know who'd sign up for that!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> With a pump, I can give myself 0.1 or even 0.5 and points in 
> between when
> I'm slightly elevated. It's impossible to measure 0.1u of insulin 
> for an
> injection - and not worth the poke! Make out a list of your daily 
> routineand have your doctor *fake* injections and finger pokes as 
> well as all the
> other duties you go through.  A ballpoint could be substituted for 
> syringesand pokers, but it has to be remembered - AND written 
> down! Have him/her
> follow it until your next visit and have doc report to you how 
> he/she did.
> Bet it coulnd't be kept up more than a day or two. That may change 
> a mind or
> two. (~_^)
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