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[IP] Re: Weather

>Can frigid temps actually cause a change in bg levels? 
Here in Chicago its been so freaking cold! I am only outside now when I have 
to be, but it seems my bgs have gone up! I guess it is stressfull having to 
walk to classes in these single digit temps! Right now its 7 degrees outside!

Adriana- I have experienced the same thing.  It has only been since being on 
the pump the last couple of years that I have noticed that pattern.  Usually 
what happens is I start to run high and I blame everything else first (I ate 
too much, misjudged carbs, sick, the holidays) and by the time I realize I 
just need more insulin usually February and then I have about one good month 
before I start having lows and have to decrease it.
Yes it is very, very cold here in the Chicago area.  I have less toleration of 
the cold as I get older and I was just told I have a little arthritis in my 
neck and some small bone spurs that hopefully some physical therapy will help.

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3 1/2 years
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