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Re: [IP] Deltec chat

Jan said " I'm not sure, but the Deltec may not be approved in Australia."

I'm sure the Deltec isn't an approved pump in Australia yet.  But I don't
believe that living in Australia should limit us from obtaining the best
technology available for  Diabetes.

At the time I needed a Pump only the Animas and Disetronic Dtron fitted my
needs.  Disetronic (internationally) would not help.  But Animas were very
helpful.  Maybe Deltec will be too.

Animas wasn't approved in Australia, when I imported mine last year.  You
need a Dr to complete an IPU (Individual Patient Useage) Form, indicating
why other pumps in Australia are not suitable / don't fit your needs.  (Only
the Disetronic Htron and MM 507 / 508 are sold here at present).

The IPU needs to be approved by the Federal Department of Health.  (With
this approval/documentaion and Customs will authorise it's release into the
country on arrival).  Training is often an issue for O/S companies.
However, I was able to have my CDE take on the legal resonsibility for my
training.  (A move from the Disetronic Htron to the Animas).  You then
negotiate the costs with Private Health Insurance yourself.

(Happy using Animas, in Australia)
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