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Re: [IP] exercise thing

At 04:18 PM 1/22/03, you wrote:
>Yes, your muscles store glucose/sugar and that could be the reason why after
>ice skating, you were 350!  I find that on mornings when I first get up and
>check, and my sugar is, let's say 75, within an hour or so, it will have
>risen to around 135 or 145.  AND, I've had nothing to eat.  It could easily
>be a combination of your liver dumping sugar and your muscles supply of
>sugar.  I don't think any of us on the list can determine exactly where the
>'extra' sugar is coming from.  Just something to keep an eye on!

I also experience a bg rise in the morning after getting up.  Without 
eating, I will go up to 200 within an hour or two after I get out of 
bed.   I've been told this has to do with a hormone and has nothing to do 
with exercise.  I also tend to go low (very low) with exercise and I pretty 
much turn my pump off during periods of exercise.  YMMV.

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