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Re: [IP] weather

At 04:18 PM 1/22/03, you wrote:
>I was stationed in Minot North Dakota while in the USAF from 1988 - 1994
>where the average winter temps are in the single digits and wind chills are
>close to -50 on a daily basis. I can tell you that during those months that
>my average bg's did go up and I had more high readings during this time
>than any other time of the year. I am certain that the weather did in fact
>attribute to the higher than normal readings but I cannot prove it and
>neither can the docs. I know from experience that it is difficult but try
>to think happy thoughts HAHAHAHAH.

And I am the exact opposite.  My bgs run lower in the wintertime I think 
because I burn up too much glucose trying to stay warm.  YMMV.

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