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Re: [IP] Sil-Serter.. YIKES!

I haven't gotten a sil-serter yet because the sofserter was such a nightmare
for me.  The device itself wasn't what frightened me, just the massive
bruising, gushers, and painful sites.  It got to the point where I gave up
and manually inserted while trying to switch to sils.  That worked "ok", but
I still had some gushers, just less bruising.  I LOVE the sils, however I am
not very flexible and as you said it limits some of the places to put sets.
The other thing that made me nervous was the angle of insertion.  I am not
"thin" but my body seems to think it is, so I insert at a 15-20 degree
angle.  From what I can tell you have the fenagle the sil-serter in order to
do this.   Sigh...

Hopefully you can get it to work for you.

-- Sherry
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