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[IP] Sil-Serter.. YIKES!

Anyone have some tips for this thing?  I have been usings sils with no
problems for a while, but I was somewhat limited in the sites I could use
inserting by hand (well aside from asking DH to help, but he won't) so I got
the sil serter thinking it would help.. and I used it once to insert a set
into my belly, and I was soooo scared to do it!  Normally site chages are no
big deal, but I think the problem was the lack of "control" over the

Does anyone have any advice for getting over that?  I'd like to be able to
use it to get to hard to reach places, but not if it freaks me out to use
it!  The set I inserted yesterday didn't hurt at all going in, but when I
took out the introducer needle it was slightly bent.. anyone else have that

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