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[IP] steve and JW

This is for Steve- Maybe you should consider another Dr.  It seems with his 
attitude he may not be the best at teaching you how to best use the pump.  
Reasons to give him for the pump- Just because you have an H1ac of 6 does not 
mean a lack of problems.  Tell him to put you on the minimed continuous 
monitoir for 72 hours and you will see many highs and lows (roller coaster).  
You can, and most do, have a good H1ac but still have highs and lows which 
impact your everyday feeling of well being.
It is a well documented fact that each hypoglycemic incidence, has a period 
of time after, that it takes for a person to regain their level of 
functioning.  Also, if you are having episdes of hypoglycemia (especially at 
night) the pump can eliminate these.
It is also well documented that hypoglcemic episodes in the extreme can lead 
brain damage.  Good luck!
JW- You mentioned that you believe that all the bad complications of diabetes 
are going to happen, with or without your interest in good control.  Do not 
believe it,
You can prevent most if not all complications with good control.  The DCCH 
trial clearly proved this!  You go for good control and never let up!
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