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Re: [IP] Arguments for the pump

> Next, is improving quality of life medically necessary?  This is a
> serious question.  If you are planning on charging your insurance
> with paying for the pump, then simply having a doctor's prescription
> simply on the basis of making life easier should NOT be the
> responsibility of the insurance company to pay. 

Sure, and if you manage to get your leg lopped off, will you be 
satisfied if your insurance company sends you to a wood worker to be 
fitted for a peg leg??

The point is that a pump is a "standard" treatment for diabetes and 
according to ALL the recent studies, control using CSII is better 
than any other method PLUS the quality of life is better.

See the kids page for a sampling of recent studies (only for kids of 

AND.... also see that study there that shows better than a 50% 
reduction in overall medical costs for diabetes care for pump users.

Michael (getting down off my soap box now.....)
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