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RE: [IP] Insuflon infusion Sets?

These sets have been around for at least 20+ years. Gads, has it been that 
long since I recommended them for one of the ladies who worked in medical 
records at a previous employer?  They were initially recommended for users of 
multiple dose injections.  They are used for small children (in Sweden) using 
this therapy and prior to using insulin pump therapy. See Hanas, Ragnor, 
Understanding Insulin Dependent Diabetes (amazon.com used to have it.)  You 
can simulate the use of this item by using only the infusion set base of a 
Comfort/Tender/Silhouette infusion set.  These are easier to use, since the 
Insuflon might have to be taped down for it to stay in place. I haven't seen 
one for years, so the product may have changed in its application method.  
Insertion is practically the same method as the other sets mentioned. 


> Is anyone familiar with this particular infusion set made by Hypoguard?<
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