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Re: [IP] Arguments for the pump

Well, I'm going to play devil's advocate here.

When you are on the pump, testing 10 times a day is not unreasonable.  
In fact, I would bet that the large portion of A1c improvement in many 
pump users is due to increase frequency of checking and NOT from the 
pump itself.  HOWEVER, the advantage the pump gives here is that when 
you test, you are more likely to make any corrections immediately.  On 
shots, you might decide to hold off longer to avoid an extra jab.

Next, is improving quality of life medically necessary?  This is a 
serious question.  If you are planning on charging your insurance with 
paying for the pump, then simply having a doctor's prescription simply 
on the basis of making life easier should NOT be the responsibility of 
the insurance company to pay.  Legally, they might have to...but, I 
question whether it is a good enough reason, ethically speaking.  I 
think diabetics are probably one of the most expensive types of 
customers any insurance company can have.  We are likely responsible 
for a huge amount of the cost increases in insurance.  Obviously, much 
of that is beyond our control.

On the opposite viewpoint, A1c level is not the only indicator of doing 
okay with diabetes.  If you achieved that 6.2 by having a lot of lows, 
then that is NOT a good thing, but can be dangerous.  However, if you 
achieve a 6.2 without a lot of lows, then will being on the pump 
actually make things better?  

Many doctors will not (and SHOULD NOT) prescribe a pump to anyone who 
is not willing to work for it in terms of effort they put into their 
diabetes care.  You are obviously putting a lot of effort, and so in 
that regard, you are a strong candidate.  I was in a pre-pump class 
with a guy who really didn't think much about his diabetes, and was 
just going on the pump because it was supposed to be the thing to do.  
I could tell, and so could the educator, that the pump would not be 
ideal for him because he didn't work at taking care of himself...he was 
just looking for the pump to do it form him.

Random thoughts to consider both yay and nay.  Obviously, most people 
will tell you to do whatever you can to get a pump...but it pays to 
take time to be completely objective about it.  I love being on the 
pump, personally...but if I were able to attain A1cs without the pump 
that I can while on the pump, I probably wouldn't have tried to get 
one...it cost my insurance company several thousands of dollars for me 
to get this thing, which ultimately leads to increased premiums, etc.  
I try to save my insurance company money when I can because it helps 
not only myself, but everyone.
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