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Re: [IP] Female stuff...

> It is most likely that after you have your child, it will be placed in ICU
> for at least two to three days since the insulin still runs through the
> blood and they have to monitor the child to make certain that their b.g.
> doesn't go too low.

Not necessarily.  I was never so much as informed that that was a risk, and
both of my children didn't see the ICU.  My daughter was in my room except
for during my recovery from my C-section.  And I think that by the time I
got to my room, she had already been cleared with perfectly fine bgs!
(Something like three hours without a low and they are okay, but I could
have that wrong.)  They did check for the first several hours with both of
my kids, but neither went low.  I'm not sure how I was so fortunate.

I was told that if they were low, supplementation with formula might be
necessary.  It wasn't.

No need to panic about a diabetic pregnancy -- thanks to the pump and modern
day treatment of diabetes, it really can be done, and done well.  The only
things you need to be prepared for -- LOTS of doctor's visits, throughout
the pregnancy.  By the end, you will be SICK of going to the doctor.  (But
being sick doesn't help matters, he, he!)  And be prepared to have a BIG
baby, via C-section.  I had one natural birth, and consider myself quite

Oh, and one other thing.  Sometimes babies born to diabetic moms are a
little slower to develop, meaning that there could be a problem with
immature lungs, etc, if the baby is early.  However, my son was ten days
early, without a problem, and an amnio verified my daughter was ready to
meet the world two weeks early.  But it is good to be aware of those risks.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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