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[IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

I remember reading an article in JAMA a long time ago about the effects of
excersize on blood sugar when the diabetic begins the workout with a high
sugar.  Contrary to popular belief (at least then), the blood glucose level
would rise rather than decline due to stress on the body and an already
increased bg level.  I vary my workout each day, sometimes I run and lift,
sometimes I do kickboxing and yoga, sometimes I do aerobics.  But I do
something almost every day.  On the days that I run and lift, my blood sugar
remains quite steady with a drop during the 2-3 hours after the workout.  On
the days that I do kickboxing and yoga, I often disconnect because I can go
quite low.  On the rare day that I just lift and/or do anaerobic workouts, my
blood sugar will rise quite rapidly.  That's why I almost always try to offset
my lifting with a strong aerobic workout like a three mile run before hand.
(not to mention that it's also a great warm-up.)

In regards to the ice skating, I don't know how much you ice skate, but I know
that I only do it maybe once a year.  Therefore it's really exhilarating when
I do and I get nervous about falling and I can feel the adrenaline when I
start picking up speed and flying around the rink.  Plus, you're working your
lats and stablizers (muscles that most people rarely target) to remain upright
and steady while skating. I can't remember what my bg was after the last time
I skated, but unless you skate every day, I wonder if it's mostly the
experience and emotional/chemical response that would raise yours....  I do
remember that the last time I raced my car around the track (for the AZ folks
- PIR).  I finally took turn 9 at about 90 mph and freaked myself out (and
bruised my knee from the torque). When I was done my laps and finally did a
blood sugar, I was over 300.  But boy was it worth it...

Type 1 21 years, pumping since 10/01
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:36:14 +0000
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

Please enlighten me if anyone has the answers to the exercise
phenomenon! I
went ice skating last night before I was 88 (perfect) took no insulin
and no
food came home 1hour after and was at 350!! what is that all about. I
to the gym 3x a week and noticed the same thing happening.

- - --

You sure you are not going low and rebounding? Or maybe your liver is
spilling out sugar for what ever reason? Just a couple ides, I actually
no idea and am figuring out all this exercise stuff out myself. I seem
need less insulin after  during and after cardio, and I thought  my
went up after lifting weights, but today it went down:S So I am just
keep on top of it and take my sugar, before, durin and after exercise.
oh Joy lol
Tami in Tucson

I actually asked the Nurse educator at my Dr's office today and she
told me
that maybe my muscles are letting off sugar??? has anyone heard of this
- --
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