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[IP] thigh sites, to Alicia

I looked on my packages, and unfortunately they are made by different
manufacturers.  I use the Tender (same as sil) and it's made by MAERSK
MEDICAL.  The Tegaderm is made by 3M Health Care.  I buy the Tegaderm
individually (30cents a piece) from our hospital pharmacy (as I don't use many
of them)....you could see if anyone sells them individually near you (or I
could always send you one) and see how you react before spending money on a
whole box.  Luckily I have tough skin!!  Haven't reacted badly to any of the
products.  I've never tried any sets other than the sil.  I'm still trying to
get up the nerve to try a thigh site, maybe next week!

Does the same company that makes the sils make the tegaderm?  I am very
allergic to the tape on all but the Sil and the quick (I think that is the
one) sets.  That is why I use the sils instead of the easy sets, which I
like better, but can't stand the irritation.
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