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[IP] re: female stuff

I have been on the pill before a few times.  Birth control pills make me MEAN!
They even helped end one relationship!!!  I went on loestrin (lowest estrogen
pill out there) and it made me aggrivated a lot and moody.
But I did get a period once a month.  I loved it- I always knew when to
increase my basal rate.  Now, I have no set ovulation time, so I can't keep my
blood sugars under excellent control, because I never know when they will
spike with my period.  Very frustrating!
Thanks again for posting,

<<<Can't reply about the pregnancy questions, but I will tell you that I have
never had regular periods, no matter what kind of control I have been in.
Maybe it is diabetes, but I have also been told that it could be the birth
control pills I am on, or just the time in my life (I am in early 20's).  So
it could be a lot of factors.  Are you on birth control now?  I have been
told that it would take 3-4 months to begin ovulating regularly after going
off the pill I am on.  I have also been told by my ob/gyn that diabetes
skips generations so it is highly unlikely my children would have it, but my
grandkids could.  Also depends on the father's genes obviously.
Good luck to you!
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